PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Marposs Introduces Ultra-Precision Mida Diamond Probing Line


Marposs offers a new Mida Diamond line of high-precision machine tool touch probes and tool setters. The Mida Diamond line has been developed to assist in controlling the entire production process in all its phases: from workpiece setup and inspection, to tool pre-setting and control. The high-precision products address industries that require high accuracy controls on complex surfaces such as aerospace, biomedical and dental, mold and die production, and micro-manufacturing applications.

Mida Diamond touch probes for part checks guarantee exceptional measuring performance due to piezoelectric technology. The probes are available with various transmission methods including wired transmission, optical transmission, and radio transmission.

The Mida Diamond Visual Tool Setter (VTS) for tool checking implements a vision technology using a video camera to detect tool dimensions, in particular, those of micro-tools, and for complex measurements. VTS can be used together with dedicated measuring software for checking a wide range of tools, guaranteeing repeatability of less than 1 µm.

Advantages of the new Mida Diamond probing line include reduced machining and checking times, increased production efficiency, reduced production rejects, and constant machining quality level during the entire production process.