PRODUCT SHOWCASE: MAG Learning Lab Details Recent Advancements in Minimum Quantity Cryogenics Machining


MAG will demonstrate its Minimum Quantity Cryogenics (MQC) machining technology and explain its capabilities and advantages in a Learning Lab at the company’s booth during the IMTS show in Chicago. MQC will be demonstrated on a new MAG 5-axis HMC 1600, as well as on a customer’s VMC that has been retrofitted, utilizing various difficult-to-machine metal and composite workpieces. Recently approved by the U.S. government for roughing titanium components for the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter, the revolutionary technology is now available as an option on new MAG machines or in retrofit kits for existing MAG machines.

Unique in the industry, multi-patented MQC technology facilitates increased process speeds, lower cutting forces, longer tool life, and reduced heat. It is also eco-friendly, yielding dry chips without releasing coolant mist or greenhouse gases. MQC delivers liquid nitrogen at -321°F (-196°C) through the spindle, directly to the tool tip and cutting zone.

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