PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Lucifer Delivers Red Devil Box Furnace for Heat Treating Small Loads


Lucifer Furnaces, a manufacturer of industrial heat treating furnaces and ovens, recently delivered a bench-style box furnace for batch heat treating small loads of low-carbon steel. Model RD7-KHE24 with 7 KW power heats to 2200°F with easy-to-replace wire wound heating elements in removable holders. A horizontal swing door seals the 12-inch-high, 14-inch-wide, 24-inch-long chamber. A ceramic hearth plate supports the workload and protects the floor brick. The Honeywell digital temperature controller with safety microswitch and on/off main control switch are housed in a NEMA 1 side-mounted panel, and a rear-mounted Type K thermocouple senses chamber heat. This Red Devil (RD) series furnace is insulated with a combined 4½ inches of lightweight hotface firebrick insulation and coldface mineral wool. Refractory is dry fit and easily replaced. Red Devil series box furnaces can be fitted with optional accessories including an over temperature safety system, gas spring vertical lift door, and a base stand. An all-purpose general bench unit, Lucifer’s RD7 series can be purposed to various heat treating operations including hardening, drawing, tempering, or annealing of steel. Red Devil furnaces are completely wired, assembled, test-fired, and shipped ready for connection to main power supply.