PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Koepfer America Introduces MZ 500 D-drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine


The Monnier + Zahner (MZ) 500 D-drive gear hobbing machine offers CNC technology in a compact footprint for top-quality fine- and ultra-fine pitch gear manufacturing. Introduced by Koepfer America at IMTS 2016, the 500 D-drive is the latest in precision machine design from the Swiss company, MZ.

The machine features two identical direct-drive work spindles on the headstock and tailstock. This configuration allows driving the workpiece with less tailstock pressure, which results in minimized machine distortion and increased part quality and cutting performance. The double drive system also provides precise concentricity of the workholding and better drive performance for workpieces that are difficult to clamp.

With CNC hob shifting (up to 1.181" or 30 mm), a 12,000 rpm hob spindle, and capability for mounting bore- or shank-type hobs, a wide variety of components can be manufactured on the 500 D-drive. Furthermore, the machine offers options for Wahli automatic loading and unloading systems. Existing Wahli workholding can also be used. In the end, this is a high-production, high-quality, high-flexibility solution for cutting fine- and ultra-fine pitch gears.

The 500 D-drive is rated at 1.575" (40 mm) diameter at 40 DP (0.6 mn) with a maximum workpiece length of 1.969" (50 mm) and maximum hobbing length of 1.181" (30 mm). This range ensures an optimal gear hobbing solution for instrumentation, medical products, robotics, and more.

The 500 D-drive is ideal for gear manufacturers looking for a hobbing solution for fine- and ultra-fine pitch workpieces. The machine’s technology provides a state-of-the-art gear cutting solution, and Koepfer America’s domestic technical support ensures gear manufacturers can find help immediately when needed.