PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Klingelnberg Unveils Its P 16 G At Control 2017


Klingelnberg celebrated its premiere of the new P 16 G: a measuring center for round components developed specifically for use on the production floor. The P 16 G is designed around measurement tasks outside of gears.

Whether turning blanks, ground workpieces, circular blades, spacers for circular blades, or ball bearings, the latest addition to the P series eliminates the use of gages during production and quality assurance of axially symmetrical parts. In fact, the “G” in P 16 G stands for “gage.” With this latest innovation, Klingelnberg combines its experience in developing machine tools with its expertise in precision measuring technology.

“The P series has long been a fixture in the gear manufacturing industry,” said Christof Gorgels, head of the Precision Measuring Center business unit at Klingelnberg. “Close cooperation with our customers demonstrated the potential of applying the high mechanical accuracy of the Klingelnberg machine design and our powerful software in other industries and sectors as well.”

The goal is to replace component-specific gages and multiple-position measuring devices, which are capital-intensive and inflexible. Therefore, Klingelnberg’s approach is to combine all typical measurement tasks for a broad range of round components on a single measuring machine — one designed for use directly in the production environment. This makes the P 16 G an economically appealing strategy for direct production monitoring.

The P 16 G is a precision measuring center that is fine-tuned specifically for the production of round components in the small diameter range and optimized for use on the shop floor. Experience gleaned from the compact P 16 machine design, which Klingelnberg also presented at Control two years ago, was incorporated into the P 16 G. Instead of gear software, the P 16 G comes equipped with software for dimension, form, and position measurement. The software records diameter and cylindrical form/conicity; measures axial runout, evenness, and angularity; and delivers a wealth of information for quality management as required.

Roughness Measurement Now Also on Internal Gearings

The Klingelnberg roughness measurement system, which has already been successfully used in several hundred P machines, has now been expanded to include internal gear measurements. The possibility of carrying out systematic measurement using a fully automatic, CNC-controlled measuring run is what differentiates the Klingelnberg system from many other roughness measuring devices and is why the system is valued by users. With the same benefits, the surface roughness of internal gears can now also be measured on the machines of the P series.

P 26 and P 40 Solutions for Gear Measurement

Klingelnberg’s P 26 and P 40 precision measuring centers for small diameter ranges are optimal solutions for gear quality management processes. The machine and software concept of the P series is optimized for measurement of complex drive components using a technology that replaces up to four conventional measuring machines: gear measurement, general coordinate measurement, form and position measurement, and roughness measurement. These measurement tasks can be fully automated in a single clamping. All machine models can be enhanced with individual options. This solution is particularly interesting for the vehicle and aerospace industries with their large numbers of drive components; however, other sectors benefit as well. The P series represents a widely used standard in the industry and serves as a reference for metrology institutes.