PRODUCT SHOWCASE: KISSsoft Announces New Release


A range of additional user-defined customization options are now available in the KISSsoft release 03/2016. With the new release, users can create a software interface and define their own variables.

The KUI – KISSsoft User Interface – can be used to tailor the input window to suit the user’s own requirements. Tabs can be hidden, or additional, customized tabs can be added. This helps organize the working process and allows for easier maintenance of value specifications used by the engineering team.

Users can also use their own variables to define new input fields. These can then be added to the KISSsoft interface and documented in the report. So, the integration of personal knowledge and company know-how is possible. These options are currently available for the most important input fields.

With the COM Interface (modules CC1 COM Interface Basic or CC2 COM Interface Expert), users can write a customized program or use a company-owned platform as the carrier for KISSsoft calculations. The calculations are running in the background, which allows for maximum user friendliness for the engineers.

Learn more about the user-defined customization of KISSsoft and take part in a web-based demonstration on December 8, 2016, which is available free of charge.