PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Ipsen’s TITAN Delivers Fast Turnaround


The TITAN® line of vacuum furnaces provides customers with precision and uniformity in a way that accommodates faster project timelines than can be achieved by other industry models. Our engineers created a unique, innovative flow-production process that uses premium components while reducing customer investment, making this furnace a reliable value. Not only does the TITAN design accelerate the delivery and installation process, minimizing customer downtime, but it upholds the reputation of Ipsen-quality workmanship.

An energy technology customer had the opportunity to earn business, but the existing facility was at capacity. With need pressing, Ipsen quoted the TITAN furnace, hosted the customer for ordering, and shipped the furnace out all within three weeks. By choosing TITAN, this customer will be able to begin filling orders immediately at the start of the new year. Similarly, an Ipsen H2 2-bar TITAN shipment left the Cherry Valley facility on a Friday and arrived at an international Aerospace company’s facility in the southeastern U.S. on that following Monday, keeping the customer up and running smoothly.

Stories like these are what make the TITAN experience so unique. The idea that drives the TITAN experience is providing customers a quality product quickly. It is opening doors to convenient heat treatment options that may have been closed in the past. TITAN caters to project needs by offering various sizes and configurations with long-lasting equipment and powerful technology, all within a small footprint. TITAN models can also be fitted with a number of options to increase its capabilities, making it a versatile furnace that can be used by a number of different industries for a number of different applications.

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