PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Ipsen Expands Controls Retrofit Options with CompuCore for Any Brand of Vacuum Furnace


Ipsen is introducing a new, competitively priced option for controls retrofits in the form of CompuCore™. Available for installation on most brands of vacuum heat-treating systems, these newly enhanced controls reduce the potential for human error and maximize uptime, allowing users to achieve greater efficiencies.

This controls software package is a cost-effective option for those who want to automate their manual system with the latest technology. It helps users gain comprehensive control of all furnace functions while also achieving repeatable throughput and results. CompuCore features five main screens, which allow operators to monitor and control operations — including viewing and editing an entire recipe — while it monitors and controls vacuum levels and temperatures. Other key features include:

  • Capable of meeting applicable AMS 2750 requirements.
  • Gain greater control over temperature uniformity with DigiTrim® and DigiPID™ heat zone control (five temperature ranges each).
  • Create, edit, store, and execute process recipes with ease via a menu-driven screen that shows the entire recipe.

As a streamlined solution, the CompuCore controls upgrade helps companies increase their capabilities while maximizing their equipment’s potential.