PRODUCT SHOWCASE: GTI Predictive Technology Announced Linear Signature Analysis


Headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, GTI Predictive Technology recently unveiled its new Linear Signature Analysis (LSA) service.

GTI has perfected its wireless VibePro vibration technology to collect vibration data in ball screws and to detect issues such as:

• Preload
• Backlash
• Worn ball paths
• Wear points on slides

VibePro technology enables uninterrupted capture of vibration data on ball screws, slides, and any other linear moving equipment. Over the past three years, GTI has perfected this technology and is now able to teach the simple data capture method to anyone and provide remote analysis of that data.

Vibration data is sent using VibePro Online web service to certified GTI technicians who will analyze the data and provide a full report along with actionable recommendations to maintain all equipment at optimum levels of performance.

The wireless VibePro vibration analyzer is all that is needed to get started.