PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Grease Test Kit from SKF


The SKF Grease Test Kit introduces a portable and user-friendly technology for performing bearing grease condition assessments directly in the field. The kit enables users to easily take samples and evaluate grease consistency, oil bleeding characteristics, and contamination without special training or the use of harmful chemicals. The kit is equipped with instructions, methodology, relevant tools for sampling and testing, and guidelines to interpret test results. Only a very small sample size (0.5 grams of grease) is required to perform all three tests and the process can be conducted as frequently as necessary. Among benefits from the on-site testing and analysis, grease relubrication intervals can be adjusted according to real conditions; grease quality can be evaluated to detect possible unacceptable deviations from batch to batch; grease performance can be assessed to confirm verification of the grease’s suitability for a particular application; and underperforming greases can be identified to help pre-empt potential damage. The resulting knowledge ultimately can promote machine reliability objectives. Go online to