PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Gleason Metrology Systems introduces new Gear Rolling System with Laser


The Gear Rolling System with Laser (GRSL) revolutionizes gear measuring and sets a new standard for throughput where high speed, high volume testing is required. It provides both double-flank roll testing as well as analytical index and involute measurement on all teeth during the same inspection cycle in a matter of seconds.

This new technology is available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic configurations depending on the needs of the customer. The index and involute measurements are analyzed using Gleason Metrology’s GAMATM gear analysis software, which allows the operator to see common charting between the GMS analytical inspection machine and the GRSL gear rolling system. With GAMA, more than 50 analysis packages are available for customers with all major industry standards such as AGMA, DIN, ISO, etc., along with customer-specific analysis requirements developed for industry in the GAMA platform.

This patent-pending design is unparalleled in inspection speed and capability. It measures external, cylindrical gears up to 250 mm in diameter and in a range of 0.4 to 7.2 module. The double-monitor option provides a simple view of ongoing trends in the high-speed inspection environment where one monitor can display results of several hundred parts inspected over time while the other can show real time results of the gear being inspected.