PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Geometric Provides End-to-End Seamless Integration with CAMWorks


Geometric, a leader in developing advanced manufacturing software, has launched the 2014 version of its leading intuitive solids-based CNC programming solution, CAMWorks. With the addition of true G-code simulation, CAMWorks is the most complete CAD/CAM solution fully integrated end-to-end solution from the initial part design, to creating a CNC program, to full machine simulation; thus, reducing data redundancy and saving valuable shop floor time. Along with support for SolidWorks® 2014, CAMWorks® 2014 accelerates design-to-part time improving productivity of CNC programmers with the addition of a number of enhancements including:

• Turn feature definition enhancement: Turn profiles are now fully associated with the model they are extracted from. This makes them fully associative to the sketches, a first in the feature based machining world, making program changes very quick and efficient. Another addition that is particularly beneficial in mill-turn operations is the selection of turn profiles by specifying the angle at which the profile has to be extracted.
• Toolpath simulation for an effective review: The tool vectors for the toolpaths can be viewed during Step-through simulation, making it easier to review 5-axis toolpaths. In addition, users can use a WIP (Work in Process) model as a start-up stock, when simulating sections of a toolpath, shortening the review time.
• Increased automation in CNC programming: Addition of 39 APIs to the current suite that can help reduce repetitive activities and provide a solid foundation for users, who want to customize or automate their systems to accelerate CNC programming output.
• Sub-spindle operations simplified: Increased flexibility in the sub-spindle operations with the addition of more pre-programmed routines that are configurable to the users’ need.

CAMWorks has also introduced an iPad app for their mobility inclined users, of CAMWorksView App. This free app allows the users to view, review and annotate 3D Work-In-Process (WIP) models and assemblies, tool paths and relevant operation data on the go anywhere from the shop floor to the design room without the need of an additional CAMWorks license. CAMWorksView is a high performance 3D CAM data viewer for iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Moreover, CAMWorks 2014 now provides  Mori-APT CL code for the DMG MORI SEIKI series of mill, turn, and mill-turn machines (NMV Series, NH(X) Series, NV(X) Series, NL(X) Series and NT Series machines). The APT-CL code from CAMWorks is certified to drive DMG MORI SEIKI machines using Manufacturing Suite Post Processor eliminating the need for custom post-processors. This unique approach provides customers with a complete solution for their needs and ensures that they will be up and running with their machine-tool in the quickest time possible. Customers need to get Manufacturing Suite from DMG MORI SEIKI and the Mori-APT CL output addin is available from Geometric.

The company has also enhanced its video instructions set that serve as a useful reference guide for self-paced learning, to supplement the training needs. For more information, please visit