Nagel Precision, Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI, will unveil its horizontal flexible honing machine designed for low volume job shops at IMTS 2012 in Chicago, IL.

Nagel offers a new generation of horizontal honing machines for low production runs to bridge the gap between a hand honing machine and a full-blown production honing machine.

The ECO H consists of three servo drives and AB PLC and an AB operator panel. The honing spindle is driven by a three horsepower, 4000-RPM servo motor. The stroking is controlled by a 3 HP servo motor. Heavy-duty precision ball screws reach stroking speeds greater than 25 m/min and have maximum travel range of 250 mm.

The tool expansion system is controlled by an AB servo, an industry first feature for a low volume hone. Servo control enables the tool to expand rapidly during the rough stock removal phase and slow down towards the end of the cycle to yield better cycle times and bore quality.

Nagel ECO H can hone up to 40 mm bores. Fully enclosed guarding ensures dry floor conditions and a safety light curtain protects operators from injury.

For more information visit or contact Nagel Precision Inc. at (734) 426-1812, or email