PRODUCT SHOWCASE: 650GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System from Gleason


Inspection of gears as large as 650 mm in diameter now can be performed up to 25 percent faster with the introduction of the Gleason 650GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System, part of a new product series from Gleason Metrology Systems Corporation. Among the many new design features now available on the new 650GMS is the powerful GAMA™ 2.0 (Gleason Automated Measurement and Analysis), Windows “object oriented” applications software suite, which offers users not only significantly faster cycle times, but also a highly desirable menu-driven human/machine interface that greatly simplifies day-to-day operation. The 650GMS is also equipped with the Renishaw SP80H 3-D scanning probe, available with various stylus sizes, configurations, and extension lengths. Learn more by visiting [].