Precision AGMA Quality Gears from Perry Tool & Research


Perry Tool & Research specializes in manufacturing high-quality gears up to 12 AGMA. These close-tolerance, precision gears are ideal for use in applications where a higher pitch is critical to produce a finer movement. AGMA gears are frequently used in electrical instrumentation, business machinery, fractional gear motors, medical equipment, aerospace components, consumer appliances, and robotics.

Perry Tool & Research uses a powder metal process to manufacture its gears, which means they are able to produce gears with complex shapes that maintain high tolerances; difficult to do with conventional manufacturing processes. The powder metal process also produces excellent part-to-part reproducibility ensuring that each gear is consistent in quality and specification over high-volume runs.

The porous nature of powder metal gives the gear good sound dampening quality, which means they are quiet running. The gears can also be impregnated with oil to make them self-lubricating. Any gear that Perry Tool & Research produces can also be combined with other components to produce a single part, which can reduce error and manufacturing costs. Producing gears using the powder metal process is more economical than other manufacturing processes. The tooling is less expensive, and the process eliminates or minimizes machining and scrap.

Perry Tool & Research specializes in manufacturing gears, precision pulleys, bearings, cams, sprockets, lavers, fasteners, brackets, soft magnetics, and many other complex, multi-level close tolerance parts at very high volumes. For more information call (510) 782-9226 or go to [].