Okuma’s How-To Video Series Demonstrates Procedures to Download and Install Machine Tool Apps


Machine tool apps are entering manufacturing environments, and they’re proving to be a fast track for achieving productivity gains. To help users get started with machine tool apps, Okuma America Corporation has released a series of how-to videos showing step-by-step procedures for downloading, configuring, installing, and running apps (available from the Okuma App Store) on Okuma THINC®-OSP CNC controls.

Okuma’s how-to video series includes three videos showing step-by-step procedures for downloading, configuring, installing, and running apps on an Okuma machine control. The videos are designed to be used as a training tool for new users. Current how-to video demonstrations include:

• SCOUT (System Compatibility Output Utility) — Quickly identifies if your machine is compatible with App Store apps. All applications have certain system requirements, and SCOUT takes the burden off the user to determine which apps are compatible.
• How to Install an Okuma Machine Tool App — Provides the basics for machine tool app installation. The example shown is Okuma’s Part Flip Monitor.
• Machine Alert — Allows users to set up machine alarm notifications by email or to ensure chip production without interruption.

Okuma’s App Store is the industry’s only centralized marketplace for machine tool apps and related content. It currently offers more than 29 apps available for various functionalities ranging from CAD/CAM software, measurement and gaging to security and tooling. All of Okuma’s machine tool apps are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Okuma’s THINC-OSP CNC controls use a Windows®-based open architecture platform, and therefore are fully integrated, allowing for true customization to suit particular machining needs. Applications developed for Okuma machines and controls improve process efficiencies, reduce set up times and eliminate scrapped parts by streamlining and simplifying machine tool processes.

To see Okuma’s how-to video series on downloading apps from the Okuma App Store, please visit www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiy-l63fXCAiDwJd8u9rJZ1zCuEnRctgd. Okuma Apps put the power of improving part quality, reducing costs and increasing profitability in your hands.

For more information, contact Julie Murphy, marketing manager at Okuma America Corporation at (704) 504-6324, (704) 547-4930, or jmurphy@okuma.com. For more information on the Okuma App Store and to download apps visit www.myokuma.com.