Oerlikon GMC 160 Gear Machining Center


The spiral bevel gear machining center Oerlikon GMC 160 is optimally suited for flexible cutting of spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears, and cylindrical gears with universal carbide blade insert tools. Gear sets up to 2,000 mm pitch diameter can be economically produced on the GMC 160 machining centers. The “one machine, two process” concept allows the soft cutting as well as the post heat treated hard cutting on the same machine, thereby significantly reducing upfront investment for customers.

The tooling in connection with GMC 160 grants a fast, economical, and technological safe production of gears in small batches. For hard-finishing carbide or CBN-blade inserts are used which result in a high degree of surface quality. The hard cutting process (called HPG-S) delivers reproducible DIN 6 quality or better in regular production. The digital drive technology enables highest precision and repeatability.

This unique solution can be utilized for the following applications: industrial gear units, marine propulsion technology, conveyors, and pulverizers. With a sturdy machine design, the flexible tooling system, a direct driven hydrostatic workpiece table, and gear technology that is completely integrated into the KIMoS based closed-loop, GMC 160 is a versatile high-end solution for the demands of these markets. KIMoS data files can immediately be processed in the CNC control of the machine.

Networking with the P-series measuring machines in conjunction with the appropriate hard and software enables bevel gears to be manufactured in the renowned Klingelnberg Closed Loop, i.e. exact production of Cyclo-Palloid spiral bevel gears according to nominal data including machine corrections.

On top, the machine can be complemented with optionally available features. Thereby the flexible machining of straight bevel gears and cylindrical gears is also possible. Also, GMC 160 can be laid out for complete machining with turning and milling operations. Additionally available equipment such as a coaxial double spindle workhead, an automatic tool changer for the double spindle or the integrated measuring system for topography and pitch testing complete the performance range of the machine.

The Oerlikon T 200 is a machine for testing the contact pattern and run of bevel gears with 90° shaft angles in the area of application of the Oerlikon GMC 160. It enables testing of gears up to 2,000 mm. CNC-controlled servo drives actuate the two linear axes as well as the gear and pinion spindle, direct measurement systems guarantee the precision of the linear axes. The testing machine is used to determine the optimum installation dimension on the basis of the contact pattern. Furthermore, a subjective evaluation of the running noise can be conducted in the speed range of the machine with programmed brake torques. Learn more at www.klingelnberg.com and www.oerlikon.com.