New Genesis 130SV Shaving Machine from Gleason


Gleason’s new Genesis™ 130SV CNC Shaving Machine features a revolutionary new design that significantly reduces floor space requirements and greatly improves cycle times for the finishing of soft spur and helical gears with diameters as large as 130 mm.

The 130SV Shaving Machine is the latest in a new family of gear production equipment from Gleason called Genesis™. All of the Genesis machines share a common platform: a single-piece frame cast from an advanced polymer composite material, which can be made faster, more accurately, and with inherently more rigidity than conventional cast-iron assemblies. This platform design also ensures a small, compact machine footprint and enables the user to install and re-locate the machine with no special lifting equipment or special foundations.

The 130SV provides both plunge shaving and diagonal shaving. The 130SV’s simplified shaving head design eliminates the need for a separate cradle to generate corrections on the tooth flank. Instead, the Y-axis on the 130SV is controlled by Gleason Spheric™ Shaving software, which provides the linear motion to make the precise corrections required.

The 130SV is equipped with an innovative new mechanical cam-driven double gripper loader fully integrated into the machine. As a result, costly non-productive time can be cut to a minimum, with part load/unload times in as little as four seconds. This includes just one second for automatic stock dividing. A faster, more flexible stock dividing system is mounted right to the shaving head, thus eliminating the time for manual adjustments part to part commonly required on other shaving machines.

The 130SV also features direct-drive spindle motors, which further reduces setup and machining times by eliminating the need for mechanical adjustments and change gears. Higher acceleration/deceleration rates and increased torque, combined with faster axis motions, reduce non-cutting time between cycles and increase overall productivity during machining. Other significant
features include:

• An Easy Access Service Module that consolidates hydraulics, lubrication, and pneumatics into one location.
• Optional on-board chamfering, deburring, and burnishing capability integrated into the machine to reduce equipment costs, floorspace requirements, and production time.
• The availability of the latest SIEMENS controls and the latest Gleason Spheric™ Shaving software to make setup and operation control easy and intuitive by running in a true Windows® environment.
• Provisions, designed into the base, to re-locate the magnetic chip filter/conveyor from either the side or rear of the machine to meet any cell/system arrangement.

Gleason Corporation is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of gear production machinery and related equipment. The company’s products are used by customers in automotive, truck, aircraft, agriculture, construction, power tool, and marine industries, and by a diverse set of customers serving various industrial equipment markets. Gleason has manufacturing operations in Rochester, New York; Rockford, Illinois; Dayton, Ohio; Plymouth, England; Munich and Ludwigsburg, Germany; Bangalore, India; Studen, Switzerland; and Harbin, China, and it has sales and service offices throughout the North and South America, Europe, and in the Asia-Pacific region.

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