New Coolant from T&L Specialty Company


A growing number of machine shops and industrial metalworking facilities are enjoying a more-efficient and pleasant workplace environment after introducing a new, uniquely biostable coolant into their operations.

Shur CoolÆ 4055, recently developed by T&L Specialty Company, is a heavy-duty, semisynthetic metalworking fluid that is specially formulated to provide excellent corrosion control, rust protection, and lubricity–all while naturally inhibiting microbial growth. As a result, machining centers are doing away with tankside biocide systems and all the drawbacks that come with them, such as the infamous "Monday-morning" stench, the dermal irritation, and the labor-costly duties of monitoring and replenishing a tankside biocide supply.

For many users, the winning formula also includes the added value of T&L Specialty’s technical support. According to Trey Schlicht, an engineering manager for Baldor Electric Company–a global designer and manufacturer of industrial electric motors, drives, and generators–"What really convinced me to try Shur Cool 4055 was T&L’s service. In addition to sales reps, we had T&L’s production managers and chemists all working together to solve our application issue."

T&L Specialty Company has been providing custom-blend chemicals to a wide range of industrial customers since 1983. Today, with a history of solving problems and an arsenal of innovative products, the company is poised to proactively engage the North American market. Committed to developing the most economical and environmentally conscious solutions, T&L processes and supplies cleaning agents, coolants, rust preventatives, metalforming lubricants, paint strippers, media-blasting agents, and more.

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