New BobCAD-CAM V20


The new BobCAD-CAM V20 CAD-CAM system provides manufacturers with the right approach to shop floor CNC programming the easy and affordable way. Version 20 has an easy to use and understand interface, provides powerful CAD design capabilities that wouldn’t be found in any other system priced in the same range, and follows up with standard 2D and 3D machining operations that easily solve real-world challenges that a shop would encounter in day to day part making.

New V20 file translators provide a AutoCAD DWG import including support for 3D surface and solids data making V20 one of the few CAD-CAM systems with this capability in its price range. Other import translators have been added which include enhanced DXF, IGES, Rhinoceros CAD 3DM, and SAT/ACIS file import functions. These new translators, added to an already existing list of file translators, make file compatibility restrictions a thing of the past.

The V20 system now gives users new freeform surface creation tools that allow the CAD operator to turn 2D or complex 3D wireframe geometry into surfaces quickly and easily. The new 2D profile milling operations box allows more tool control, automatic cutter compensation as well as tool approach and departure flexibility. The automatic tapered wall pocketing wizard provides the operator with choices for tools, roughing, finishing, and complete Z-Level control for outer wall and inside island taper angles–and this is just the beginning. New 3D toolpath functions for direct surface and solid model machining are added, giving users the necessary capabilities to manufacture both simple and highly complex parts with ease. Version 20 is about maximizing shop floor programming capabilities and giving the experienced programmer the right tools, allowing the new CAD-CAM programmer to achieve success faster, all while keeping the costs down.

The main direction for BobCAD-CAM is–and always has been–the ability to provide powerful and easy to use CAD and CAM software at costs that any shop can afford. The V20 CAD-CAM system proves to the industry that, true to the BobCAD-CAM tradition, advancements in leading programming technology can be used by all, and at costs that no one else can match.

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