MTB has Expanded on its Offerings to the Gear Industry


MTB is a manufacturer, remanufacturer and recontroller of gear-cutting and grinding equipment, and has expanded its offerings to providing equipment builds, service and support of atmosphere heat treatment equipment. Recent personnel recently hired to support this include Rick Clayssen, Burk Glogski and Sue Harrod, previously employed at BeaverMatic. MTB is capable of supporting heat treaters with mechanical, electrical and controls solutions. With a reputation for excellence, we are proud to offer the following additional products and services:

• Tubes
• Elements
• Fans
• Chain guides
• Rams
• Roller hearths
• Retools
• Catalysts
• Recontrol of old equipment
• Repair Kits
• Water and air cooled fans
• IQF – Internal Quench Furnaces
• Tempers
• Washers

Machine Tool Builders is a manufacturing company offering multiple gear related products and services to meet its customers. As a primary rebuilder of gear equipment, MTB has expanded its offerings to include:

Burri Machine Tools GmbH & Co.KG (Burri-Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG)

• BZ220, BZ330, BZ331, BZ361, BZ362 CNC Continuous Generating Gear Grinding machines
• PM550T and 550H profile machine for grinding wheels for threaded wheel grinding machines; profile grinding machines; bevel gear grinding machines; rack grinding machines; surface and circular grinding machines; honing rings for gear honing machines; and balancing of grinding wheels.

Donner + Pfister AG (aka DPAG) located in Switzerland

• Gear Checking Machines:
 • Mobile Pitch Tester ES4100, New or MAAG ES401 Upgrade
 • Mobile Involute Tester ES4300, New or MAAG ES430 Upgrade
 • Gear Measuring Center SP4200/6500, MAAG SP42/65 Upgrade
 • Recorder ES42X Plug In-Replacement of MAAG ES-410 / ES-411/ ES-412 / ES-415 / ES-416

• Maag Gear Grinding Machines
• HSS 30
• SD-32-X
• SD-36-X
• HSP-80
• HSS90
• Others on request

Heat Treatment
• Parts
• Service
• Equipment

Gear equipment: Rebuilds, recontrols, and services gear cutting and grinding equipment. Since 1995, MTB has been transforming shapers, hobbers and grinders into precision machines by converting and rebuilding mechanical components to motorized servos with multiple axes and spindles using CNC controls. MTB specializes in gear cutting equipment from Fellows, Fellows-Pfauter, Frömag, Gleason, Gleason-Pfauter, Hoglund, Kapp, Liebherr, Lorenz, Modul, Cima, Pfauter, Pfauter-Kapp Red Ring, and Reishauer machinery brands among many other machine types.

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