Mid-South Metallurgical Invests in Afc-Holcroft Equipment To Expand Existing Production Capability


Commercial heat treater Mid-South Metallurgical in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, purchased new AFC-Holcroft furnace equipment to increase its production capability for carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening, normalizing, annealing, and stress relieving of metal components.

The new furnace equipment, consisting of a UBQ (universal batch quench) integral quench furnace, two UBT (universal batch temper) furnaces, and an EZTM generator, was integrated into the customer’s existing batch furnace line and has been installed and commissioned at the customer’s plant located just south of Nashville, Tennessee.

 “We were pleased to be a part of the expansion of heat treating capacity of Mid-South,” said Ron Graham, sales engineer at AFC-Holcroft. “They are a growing commercial heat treater, and we are proud that we could be their partner for this project.”

For more information: www.afc-holcroft.comwww.midsouthmet.com