Metallurgical Reference Booklet for Vacuum Furnace Users


In a joint effort, Solar Atmospheres and Solar Manufacturing have produced an updated booklet titled “Critical Melting Points and Reference Data for Vacuum Heat Treating.” This handy reference manual allows the vacuum furnace user to quickly find and understand essential data on various metals and alloys to be processed in a vacuum environment.

According to Roger Jones, president of Solar Atmospheres, “multiple tables are included highlighting melting points of elements and many alloys of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, nickel, and titanium, among others.”

“Other data incorporated relates to eutectic, emissivity, and vapor pressure concerns when operating at certain temperatures and/or under vacuum,” says Jim Nagy, president of Solar Manufacturing. “Various conversion tables relating to pressure and vacuum have been provided.”

Solar Atmospheres is one of the largest privately owned vacuum heat treating and brazing companies in the United States.  Solar Manufacturing is a leader in the manufacturing of all types of standard and specialized vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces. To request a copy of this booklet, which is being made available to all vacuum furnace users at no charge, visit [] or [].