Mazak To Demo Adaptive Gear Machining Solutions at Gear Expo


At Gear Expo, Booth #1322, Mazak will use its Integrex i-100ST equipped with the latest Mazatrol SmoothX CNC to demonstrate how advanced multitasking machines can effectively perform today’s gear-making processes from hobbing to skiving to gashing.

Mazak multitasking machines, including the Integrex i-100ST and over 90 other model configurations, can serve as adaptive gear-machining solutions that productively produce precision gears of all shapes and sizes when paired with the right software and CAD/CAM system. Unlike dedicated gear-cutting equipment, these machines have the flexibility to perform a wide variety of operations in a single setup.  

Shops with occasional gear work, for example, can use a Mazak multitasking machine to turn a part’s I.D. and O.D., process its mating features, and then power skive its gear tooth pattern. Performing all of these functions on one machine improves overall accuracy because every part feature runs true to the gear teeth. And, when the machine is not busy with gear work, it can continue to earn its keep by productively processing a broad range of complex, non-gear components.

One of the most compact models in the Mazak multitasking machine family, the Integrex i-100ST efficiently processes small complex workpieces in single setups. It employs two 15-hp, 6,000-rpm turning spindles, a nine-tool lower turret and a 10-hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle. Each turning spindle features a 6-inch chuck with a 2.4-inch bore size that can accommodate bar stock of up to 2-inch in diameter. The machine’s 36-tool magazine accommodates tools up to 5.1 inches in diameter when neighboring stations are empty and up to 3.5 inches in diameter when stations are occupied.

Gear Expo attendees will be among the first to see the Integrex i-100ST equipped with the new smooth technology process-performance platform, which has transformed the way the company’s multi-axis machines perform. According to Mazak, revolutionary CNC technology, progressive machine design and unequaled engineering resources set the foundation for the platform and together provide users with unsurpassed ease of operation and unmatched productivity.  

The Mazatrol SmoothX CNC, a key element of smooth technology, operates four times faster than Mazak’s previous-generation controls. Gear makers will benefit from faster rotary axis speeds that allow the machine tool to quickly perform gear hobbing and skiving operations.

Because the Integrex i-100ST is only one of the adaptive gear machining solutions available through Mazak, Gear Expo attendees should also inquire about the company’s other gear production options while visiting Booth #1322. The company’s larger multitasking machines with full 5-axis capabilities are known for being able to quickly and cost effectively produce low-volume spiral-bevel gear sets. The Integrex e-1550V/10, for example, can machine a spiral-bevel gear set with a 29-tooth, 22-inch diameter pinion gear and a 114-tooth, 6-foot diameter gear ring in a matter of days as opposed to months.  

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