Mazak Launches New Global Websites for Enhanced User Experience


Japan-based Yamazaki Mazak Corporation and its global subsidiaries — leaders in the manufacture of highly productive machine tools, CNC technology and automation solutions — recently launched a new global online initiative comprised of fully responsive, multi-language websites to effectively support its metalworking customers around the world. These new websites are easily accessible via a unified global landing page at

Visitors to can view the content in 10 languages — English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German and Italian — and find the regional site that best serves their locations in two mouse clicks.

As part of the global online initiative, 18 new regional sites offer Mazak’s product, technology, support and company information in 17 languages. While these sites share the same look, features, functionality and rich content, each one has customized content to meet the specific needs of the customers in the global region it serves.

“Mazak understands the changing landscape of the industry and recognizes the need to provide new and forward-thinking resources and tools via the web,” said Brian Papke, president of Mazak Corporation. “Today’s manufacturers are smarter, more agile and extremely discerning buyers, with ever more challenging applications — they need more and more information at their fingertips. Mazak’s new network of sites gives them the resources they need to make good decisions with the click of a mouse.”

New features available on these regional sites include, but are not limited to, unique comparative analysis tools that can optimize massive amounts of product and specification information. This results in manufacturers being able to easily evaluate and make decisions about the best machine for their specific needs.

New sharing tools allow users to easily interact in social media environments, watch videos as well as share information via email. News, videos, webinars and downloads are available on-demand. These regional sites also feature a powerful new search tool that comprehensively scans content and categorizes results into three categories, making it easy for users to locate and identify information of interest to them.

Mazak is the first machine tool builder to launch fully responsive websites on this scale.

This flexible and adaptive form of web design allows for an optimal viewing experience, easy navigation and quick product searches across a wide range of devices, whether users are accessing these websites via a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

To experience Mazak’s new global online initiative, please visit