MAG Fadal Introduces FX Series of VMCs with Infimatic Control


Vertical machining center producer MAG Fadal has announced that their FX series of machines will be available with the new Infimatic Freedom NC200TM, a digital control designed specifically for metal-cutting machine tool applications, with three highly-intuitive navigation choices. The control is compatible with standard G Codes as well as part programs that have been created for Fadal CNC controls.

The operator pendant has been designed with the machinist in mind, offering a full keyboard, integrated mouse and easy-to-use LED-ringed pushbuttons. VeriCode™, the control system’s unique color-coded editor, has real-time syntax and semantic verification to simplify part programming, as well as the ability to facilitate background editing during machining. ServoScan™ technology automatically populates control parameters and other critical data when the machine is powered up, reducing errors and streamlining the start-up process.

Infimatic’s Freedom NC PortalTM is an interface for seamless integration of software from GibbsCAM, NextEngine, Renishaw or other sources whose technologies complement the core functionality of the CNC. Complete with advanced 3D graphics, the NC200 TM comes loaded with integrated GibbsSFP®, the control-resident version of GibbsCAM that includes time-saving drilling, contouring and pocketing routines.
Engineered for maximum reliability in a contract shop or production floor environment, the Freedom NC200TM features fanless cooling, diskless data storage, advanced protection circuitry, all surface-mount circuit board construction, a water resistant panel, and a distributed architecture platform which enables electrical cabinet optimization.

Nationwide availability of the new FX series is planned for April 2008. Special editions of both the VMC 3016 FX and VMC 4020 FX are being offered on a limited basis earlier in the year. These machines will include a 10,000 RPM air/oil 40-taper spindle, the coolant-thru-spindle feature, and dual-arm tool changers, with 24-tool capacity on the 4020 FX and 20-tool capacity on the 3016 FX.

Since its introduction in 2006, the FX series has been embraced by manufacturers in applications ranging from die and mold machining to part production in the automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries. Its value-to-price ratio make it a natural choice for coupling with the economical yet powerful control platform developed by Infimatic.

On the 3016 FX and 4020 FX, rigid box-way construction with integral flame-hardened ways are complemented by Steinmeyer ETA+ dual-mounted ballscrews that optimize machine stiffness and virtually eliminate reversal error. Rapid traverse is 1,000 IPM (inches per minute), with a cutting feed rate up to 800 IPM. X/Y/Z axes travel on the 3016 FX is 30” X 16” X 20” (762mm X 406mm X 508mm); the 4020 FX increases the working envelope with X/Y/Z axes travel of 40” X 20” X 20” (1016mm X 508mm X 508mm).

Fadal Machining Centers (MAG Fadal), a division of MAG Industrial Automation Systems, offers a wide range of Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) complemented by a full line of performance-enhancing rotary products. Close to 40,000 VMCs have been installed worldwide in applications for general machining, medical, mold/die, automotive, aerospace, woodworking, and many other dynamic industries. With over 40 years of experience in the machine tool business, MAG Fadal continuously strives to apply innovative metal-cutting technology to its VMCs. Headquartered in its 280,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, California, MAG Fadal offers extensive training and support programs, including a global network of distributors trained to deliver world-class after-sales support.

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