MAG Cincinnati’s FTV 5 Provides High-Uptime Productivity Solution


The MAG Cincinnati FTV 5 vertical machining center meets IMTS searches for high productivity, versatility, and earnings capacity at five-axis machining. Heavy-duty fixed table/traveling column design—available in 1800 mm, 2500 mm and 3700 mm X-axis models—performs high-output cutting of a wide range of materials from aluminum to today’s hardest metals, particularly titanium alloys.

Precision five-axis/five-sided processing avoids refixturing and error-stacking, while reducing work-in-process. The high structural strength and stability of the FTV 5 machine base and fixed table accommodate loads of 6000, 8000 and 10,000 kg respectively without deformation effects on accuracy, while enabling pendulum loading to reduce load and unload time resulting in high in-cut productivity. Optional dual front load doors allow tables to be zoned with a center partition, permitting in-cycle loading to the open zone while the other is in-cut for near-continuous spindle utilization. The FTV 5 comes standard with high-performance HSK63A 27kW (35.2 hp) 18,000 rpm spindle with an HSK100 spindle optionally available. An FTV 5 2500 will be shown at MAG Industrial Automation Services booth #A-8218, the largest of any exhibitor at IMTS.

Versatile machine design allows FTV 5 machines to bring five-axis processing to everything from extremely large workpieces to multiple batch fixtured parts. The FTV 5 lowers machining time and cost for industries like aerospace, automotive, die & mold, heavy equipment, and power generation that produce large, complex geometry parts. Side doors aid loading of longer parts. Massive table capacity allows the FTV 5 to produce multiples of smaller contoured parts for specialty manufacturers and job shops or to perform flexible, mixed batch machining, while five-axis simultaneous interpolation allows simplified fixturing.

The contouring head provides up to ±45° A-axis tilt and full 360° C-axis rotation per second. Robust construction and high-performance design provide speed and power (swivel torque up to 1300 Nm) to contouring cuts. Brushless spindle torque motors eliminate conventional gearboxes, backlash and maintenance issues, while providing longer wear, faster rotary motion, high torque and high accuracy. Exceptional Z axis travel of 800 mm allows use of shorter tools and higher rpm, reducing vibration for better tool life and part finishes.

The traveling column rides on high-capacity, maintenance-free caged roller guide ways to provide all axis motion in delivering 40 m/min fast rapid and 20 m/min max. feed rate with ±3/4 µm positioning accuracy. Dynamically engineered with high strength to weight, the column configuration provides high Y-axis range of 1005 mm within a compact machine footprint. The machine configuration allows the operator to reach the table with ease and access the spindle while standing at floor level.

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