Low-Temperature PVD Coatings from Oerlikon Balzers


Oerlikon Balzers has introduced BALINIT® ARCTIC, a new low-temperature line of PVD coatings for molds and components. An innovative arc technology allows BALINIT ARCTIC Coatings to be applied at 200°C (390°F), substantially lower than standard PVD coatings that are applied between 400 and 500°C (750 to 930°F). This makes it possible to coat cold-working steels and die steels for plastics processing that are commonly tempered at 200°C, as well as copper alloys.

BALINIT ARCTIC PVD coatings have no performance loss compared to coatings deposited at higher temperatures. The lower deposition temperature allows mold materials with lower tempering thresholds to be coated without distortion, loss of hardness, or reduction in corrosion resistance. There are three coating versions:

• BALINIT® A ARCTIC (TiN) has a surface hardness of 2300HV and a coefficient of friction against steel of 0.4, which helps to prevent the buildup of resins, increases wear-resistance and provides a surface that is easier to clean.
• BALINIT® D ARCTIC (CrN) has a surface hardness of 1750HV and a coefficient of friction against steel of 0.5, and is well suited for coating molds that work in plastics that outgas chlorine, fluorine or other aggressive volatile contents during processing.
• BALINIT® FUTURA NANO ARCTIC (TiAlN) is a nano-layered coating that has a surface hardness of 3300HV and a coefficient of friction against steel of 0.5, and is ideal for plastic injection molds with textured surfaces and for working in engineered plastics.

Oerlikon Balzers is the world’s leading supplier of PVD coatings, which significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components and tools for metal and plastic processing. These coatings marketed under the BALINIT brand were developed by Oerlikon Balzers and are extremely thin. They are characterized by exceptional hardness and reduce friction and wear decisively. Oerlikon Balzers also develops processes, produces and sells equipment and product installations, and offers contract coating services through a dynamically growing network of currently more than 70 coating centers in Europe, the Americas. Oerlikon Balzers is a business unit of the Swiss Oerlikon Group, a world-leading manufacturer of production systems, components and services for high-tech products.

For more information contact Dwayne Douglas—segment manager, Mold and Dies—at (803) 329-0607 or dwayne.douglas@oerlikon.com. Go online to [www.oerlikon.com/balzers/us].