Low-Noise Gear Modules from IMS Gear


IMS Gear Planetary Gears, Inc., has recently completed the development and introduction of a new line of low-noise gear modules for their range of planetary gear units. By capitalizing on the modular gear system, it has been able to expand on its existing product range adapting low-noise helical gear modules in the first stage. These new low noise modules feature a well-tuned combination of diametral pitch, number of teeth, helix angle, gear face width, and choice of various materials. Actual sound measurements in its in-house anechoic chamber utilizing state of the art head acoustics have proven the design, providing excellent results in terms of noise level and quality. The low-noise gear modules are adaptable to seven sizes, from diameters 32mm to 105mm, and are also available for our NEMA 14, 17, 23, 34, and 42 style units.

IMS Gear is a leading manufacturer of planetary gear drives providing the highest customer value for demanding applications including; automotive, material handling, medical, building materials, and food and beverage. its products are manufactured utilizing the latest in gear manufacturing and heat treating technology. It offers an extremely modular design, allowing units to be mounted to most any motor with minimal modification to its standard product. The modular concept also allows for modification to not only the input motor mounting flange, but also the output flange and output shaft. This makes its unit extremely adaptable for most any mounting configuration. Units are also offered in a variety of materials and configurations, featuring a “low-noise” option for noise sensitive applications.

Its product range starts with a 22mm diameter unit (PM22) and extends up the 120mm diameter (PM120), with nine sizes in all. Additionally, each size up to and including size PM 52 is available in either an all-metal version (PM), its PM series planetary gears are manufactured from high strength alloy steels, precision hobbed and hardened for high capacity and long life, or a plastic version (PK) which utilizes high strength engineered plastics. IMS Gear sets itself apart from the competition by providing all value-added operations “under one roof.” From the development stage to final assembly, it has complete in-house control. It also offers engineering application assistance for product selection and has a sample shop dedicated to manufacturing low quantity pre-production sample gear units quickly for customer evaluation and testing. To learn more contact Joe Sitta, president, at (757) 227-5553, or send e-mail to joe.sitta@imsgear.us. Go online to [www.imsgear.com].