Large Coarse Pitch Hobs from Star SU


Get quality PWS large coarse pitch hobs with engineering and product support from Star SU LLC. Perfect for hobbing wind turbine gears, these hobs come in a variety of materials and coatings and ground forms up to DIN AAA quality. Hob sizes range from 20 (1.25 DP) to 40 (0.635 DP) module and lengths up to 430 mm (16.9”). CNC inspection reports, as well as resharpening and recoating services, are available.

Star SU LLC is the go-to-market cooperative of the partnered companies of Bourn & Koch, Star Cut Sales, and SU America—a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. All sales, sales engineering, sales and marketing administration, direct sales force human resources, sales information technology, and sales distribution for North America are merged into a single enterprise managed by an executive committee made up of the senior management of the three companies.

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