KLINGELNBERG debuts P 16 for small component measurement


Klingelnberg, a leading manufacturer of precision measuring centers, scheduled the debut of its P 16 — a new solution for efficient measurement of small components — at the Control trade show in Stuttgart, Germany this month.

The P 16 joins the Klingelnberg lineup as a “younger sibling” to the highly successful P 26, and completes the product range for measuring the smallest workpieces. Dr. Christof Gorgels, Division Manager for Measuring Instrument Construction, explains the “family addition” in this area: “With the P 16, we are offering a machine based on the tried-and-true qualities of the P series, but which comes in below the P 26 in terms of footprint.” “The compact precision measuring center provides access to the world of Klingelnberg P machines at an attractive price.” Because the P 16 is based on P series technology, all software application programs are compatible, of course.

The P 16 owes its compact size to an innovative modification: Thanks to a newly developed workpiece clamping system which is optimally adapted to accommodate small workpieces, there is no need for a counter support. This allowed Klingelnberg to design a relatively small machine. Georg Mies, Head of Measuring Machine Development at Klingelnberg, explains precisely how the new clamping system works: “The workpiece mounting of small components is often accomplished using a chuck. For this reason, we developed for the P 16 an innovative electrical clamping system that has been integrated into the workpiece axis. This clamping system is suitable both for circular and cylindrical components and for mounting short shafts.”

With the new precision measuring center, Klingelnberg is targeting areas in which the demands for precision in volume production are becoming increasingly stringent: “The P 16 is specifically tailored for the requirements of small components, particularly those required in the automotive, power tools, pumps, e-mobility and small drives market segments,” Miles said.