KFS 250S for Large Capacity Hob Sharpening from Koepfer


The new KFS 250S by Koepfer America provides large capacity hob sharpening with a high-speed direct drive grinding spindle, GE Fanuc CNC panel, easy-to-use software with conversational programming, and an integrated crane for easy loading and unloading of larger hobs. The machine will be displayed at IMTS ’08 at booth #6907.

“The KFS 250S offers several advantages,” says Dennis Gimpert, president. “Importantly, the machine has a maximum grinding capacity of 254 mm hob diameter and 305 mm hob length. The KFS 250S sharpens to AGMA ‘AAA’ quality, is suitable for either high-speed steel or carbide tools, and has preloaded linear guide ways.”

Also on display at Koepfer America’s booth will be the MZ 130 CNC gear hobbing and worm milling machine, which produces spur gears, worm gears, and worms and threads. It is suitable for large and small quantities. In addition, the WGT 350 gear inspection machine will be in the booth. This machine has four axes of CNC control standard with air-bearing technology on all axes. Lastly, show attendees will see the Koepfer Model 300 gear hobbing machine. The Model 300 combines the latest in machine technology with maximum versatility and flexibility in an area of only 8 square meters.

Koepfer America, LLC, specializes in the sales and support of products related to the parallel-axis gear manufacturing industry. This includes hobbing machines, gear inspection/gear metrology equipment, automation systems, tooling, cutting tools, diamond dressing tools and abrasive wheels for gear grinding and gear honing, hob sharpening machines, and hob sharpening services. Its products are used worldwide.

To learn more call (847) 931-4121, send e-mail to sales@koepferamerica.com, or go to [www.koepferamerica.com].