Ipsen USA shipments remain strong in third quarter 2017


The third quarter has proven to be yet another strong quarter for Ipsen USA with 14 vacuum furnaces shipped to seven states, as well as to Indonesia and Japan. This equipment will be used in support of the additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and commercial heat-treating industries.

The shipments included:

  • A vertical (bottom-loading) MetalMaster® vacuum furnace with an 84” (2,100 mm) diameter work zone and 8,000-pound (3,600 kg) load capacity.
  • Four standard TITAN® vacuum furnaces with options ranging from spare parts kits and a thermocouple upgrade to the PdMetrics® predictive maintenance software platform.
  • Three HIQ (horizontal internal quench) and HEQ (horizontal external quench) furnaces from the VFS® product line that will process parts for the aerospace and commercial heat-treating industries.
  • Several custom-built, horizontal MetalMaster® and TurboTreater® vacuum furnaces.

Among these customers, more than half also ordered one or more spare parts kits to help minimize future downtime. Ipsen’s global ICS (Ipsen Customer Service) team provides many comprehensive aftermarket offerings, making it easy for customers to rely on them for ongoing support throughout the equipment’s life span (for any brand of furnace). This includes facilitating system installations, as well as providing startup assistance, expert training, spare parts, and maintenance programs.