Inductoheat Announces New Technology, Expanded Services


Inductoheat, Inc., is the world’s first induction heating manufacturer to offer three distinct and separate technologies for heat treating gears: variable frequency, single frequency and, most recently, simultaneous dual frequency (SDF).

Inductoheat introduces its SDF induction gear heating process, improving quality and efficiency while reducing costs. This unique technology requires less energy and floor space, yet yields better results and higher production rates than conventional induction heating processes. SDF is easily integrated into new or existing manufacturing lines or as a flexible work cell.

Shorter heating cycles can be accomplished using an optimal frequency mix of medium and high frequencies combined with high-power output. This reduces distortion. Because overall heating associated with SDF is reduced, the microstructure of the hardened area is improved with minimal effect on material core properties. SDF can eliminate the need for final machining, as dimensional specifications are unaffected after hardening.

In addition, the company has expanded its aftermarket service department. Inductoheat boasts the industry’s most competent team of field service engineers. Customers benefit from its highly-skilled staff. Service for heat treat equipment–along with all Inductoheat, Welduction, and IPE Cheston installations in the Americas–is headed up at the Madison Heights, Michigan, facility. Each engineer is supported by a network of diagnostic tools and support staff. The support team is the strongest and most experienced in the industry. This group’s knowledge and experience is unsurpassed.

Inductoheat offers 24-hour emergency on-site service. It promises to have a service engineer on site within 24 hours anywhere in the continental United States, flights pending. Field service engineers are available for repair, rebuild, and preventative maintenance of induction heating equipment. "Hands-on" training is available at the customer’s location.

Inductoheat, Inc.–an Inductotherm Group company–is a major manufacturer of induction heating equipment and offers full service parts, coils, and repairs. Inductoheat is both Q-1 and ISO-9001 certified.

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