Hyatt Introduces New Line of Stainless Steel Pre-Cut Shims


In a press release dated July 2003, Hyatt Industries Limited, of Vancouver, British Columbia, announced their new line of precision stainless steel shims. Hyatt Stainless Steel Pre-Cut Shims are used under the feet of motors and rotating equipment to help achieve accurate vertical alignment for shaft centerlines. They are manufactured in thousandths of an inch thickness increments.

The pre-cut shims are made of stainless steel 304 full hard material to protect against rust and deformation. For user convenience, the shims are packaged in kits to ensure the best selection to meet every customer’s requirements. Hyatt shims are available in four sizes, and in 13 different thicknesses per size.

For more information, contact Hyatt at (604) 736-7301 or via e-mail at The company’s Web site can be accessed at [].