Hexagon’s new inline gap and flush measurement system enhances quality

The new wireless, blue light, non-contact Calipri C15 tool gives manufacturers greater flexibility when inspecting fit and finish in production and assembly lines. (Courtesy: Hexagon MI)

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new wireless, inline, gap and flash measuring system, which was displayed for the first time at the Control trade show for quality assurance in Stuttgart May 7-10. The NextSense Calipri C15 is the latest addition to the Calipri family of non-contact measurement systems, which uses a patented sensing technique to rapidly and accurately measure gap and flush, seal gap, and feature lines throughout the manufacturing process. Acquired by Hexagon in 2018, NextSense is a specialist in non-contact profile and surface measurement solutions for the automotive, railway, and steel industries.

The new, wireless Calipri C15 complements the wired Calipri C11, which provides continuous laser-based, hand-guided gap and flush measurements on a production line, including in the automotive, aerospace, and domestic appliance industries. Because the Calipri C15 is cable-free, operators can use it to quickly reach hard-to-access areas and it can be configured for 360° or linear measurement, making it ideal for car body, inline, and final assembly inspections as well as in rework stations. All data synchronization is performed wirelessly and in real time. 

In addition to bringing extra flexibility to handheld inline measurement, the Calipri C15 uses blue light laser technology. This makes it ideal for measuring shiny surfaces, including the hemming on car doors, and brushed metal surfaces. It is also equipped with a small screen where operators can check measurement data on the fly, and its sturdy design means it can withstand knocks, collisions, and prolonged, repetitive use. The C15 is available in two versions — the C15 Fix, which is optimized for stationary measurements, and the C15 Flex, which is designed for versatility and can be moved easily from one production line to another. 

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