Hexagon showcases world class 3D scanning solutions at WESTEC 2019

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division had offered equipment and speakers at WESTEC 2019. (Caption: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence)

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division scheduled a display of its world class 3D scanning solutions at WESTEC 2019. Hexagon featured the new-to-market RS6 Laser Scanner and the 3D scanning laser tracker, the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600. The RS6 Laser Scanner delivers extremely high-density point-cloud data collection at high speeds and high accuracy. With a scan line of 150 millimeters wide at mid-range, the scanner achieves a greater than 30 percent increase in surface area covered by each scan movement. Attendees got a close look at the ATS600, developed to digitally pinpoint and inspect large components and surfaces with metrology-grade accuracy, addressing parts that were previously out of the range of a traditional handheld 3D laser scanner, touch probe, or reflector. The ATS600 can accurately locate a point in 3D space within 300 microns from up to 60 meters away without the need for a reflector at the point of measurement. 

Hexagon thought leader Beshoy Dauod joined the speaker roster at WESTEC 2019. He was set to give a Knowledge Bar presentation entitled “How Metrology-Grade Laser Tracker Scanning is Disrupting the Status Quo.” Dauod is a commercial solutions engineer at Hexagon. In the large-scale manufacturing realm, scanning is an area that has been ripe for disruption in terms of accuracy, timelines, usability, and more. Metrology-grade laser tracker scanning has reimagined what productive quality control should look like for manufacturers wanting to simplify problem solving and get a handle on large manufacturing backlogs. 

Daoud’s presentation covered scanning laser tracker fundamentals and the unique workflows enabled by laser tracker accuracy and integrated 3D scanning capabilities. He also explained how the technology best applies to different applications such as aerostructures, transportation, shipbuilding, energy, and general assembly. The key concepts discussed in this presentation included implementing a metrology data driven closed-loop manufacturing process, transforming the current production and manufacturing workflows, and cutting production and operation costs.

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