Hexagon launches fixed-fine blue laser scanning sensor


Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division today launched its first blue laser scanning sensor for creating point clouds. The HP-L-5.8 joins Hexagon’s comprehensive range of tactile and non-contact sensors for CMMs and is designed for companies who need a versatile, affordable, fixed-line laser sensor.

The HP-L-5.8 performs equally well when taking point cloud measurements from dark or shiny surfaces. Designed to be rugged and compact, it protects the sensor from collisions and vibrations and is ideal for use in areas where accessibility is restricted as well as on smaller CMMs.

“Increasingly our customers want to add the speed and wide measurement coverage of laser scanning to their CMM’s capabilities,” said Christian Schorr, Hexagon’s product manager for Laser Scanners on CMMs. “The HP-L-5.8 meets our customers’ demand for an accurate, affordable laser scanner that turns a CMM into a multi-sensor machine that can switch easily between tactile probing or laser scanning in a single part program.”

The HP-L-5.8 is seamlessly compatible with Hexagon CMMs that use PC-DMIS 2018 R2 and subsequent versions of the software and works with an automatic indexing probe head or continuous wrist, making it easy to operate for users of tactile probing tools.

The HP-L-5.8 is available worldwide. More information is available from local commercial operations and dealers.

HP-L laser scanners deliver maximum performance for complex surfaces and workpieces made of materials that are difficult to measure. These flexible laser scanners turn every coordinate measuring machine (CMM) into an optical multi-sensor system. The main applications include checking the features and characteristics of sheet metal parts, and measuring freeform surfaces of castings or other components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

HP-L uses Flying-Dot Technology, providing an excellent optical dynamic range that is superior to conventional line scanners as the light intensity is automatically adjusted for point by point. This means that HP-L laser scanners are less sensitive to ambient light and surface changes, and generate point clouds of high quality and reliability. In addition, the line width can be varied from 24 mm to 124 mm as required. The point-to-point distance varies depending on the chosen line width.

Equipped with HP-L laser scanners, CMMs turn into multi-sensor machines, performing even the most challenging measurement applications by combining traditional tactile probing with optical measurements such as surface capture or optical feature measurement – all in one part program.

HP-L laser scanners fully conform to the latest ISO 10360-8:2013 standard. The measurements rely on traceable sphere and plane artefacts. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence also supplies the necessary artefacts – certified by an accredited laboratory – for on-site verification of sensor results, to provide the highest confidence in optical probing.

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