Heule Precision Tools presents BSF tooling for spot facing

The Heule Back Spot Facing tool allows components to be spot-faced in the same direction as the bore is drilled. (Courtesy: Heule)

Heule Precision Tools presents its BSF tooling for automated high-volume back spot facing applications. The BSF tool, ideal for counterbores up to 2.3x diameter and ranging in size from 6.5mm to 20.5mm (0.256” to 0.807”), is sold standard-stock, shipped the next day from the Cincinnati, Ohio, warehouse.

This tooling works without an anti-rotation device, change of spindle direction, or any machine adaptations, allowing components to be spot-faced in the same direction as the bore is drilled. This saves the time and cost of turning the workpiece, while allowing the spot facing of difficult to reach areas like yoke forks, screw-head countersinks, and more. The blade expands using centrifugal force when activating the spindle, and retracts from coolant pressure, which moves a piston to depress a pin which retracts the closed blade into the housing. The simple swing mechanism combined with the internal coolant pressure system yields optimal cutting performance, resulting in consistent spot facing and fewer scrapped parts.

The tool works both vertically and horizontally, with replaceable carbide-coated blades for extended tool life. It is ideal for gear housings, yokes, engine casings, and other parts in a wide range of materials.

Heule has manufactured the highest quality cutting tools since 1961, supporting a wide range of hole-finishing tools for front and back deburring, countersinking, chamfering, and counterboring for larger industrial manufacturing companies throughout the world. Heule specializes in high production environments in the automotive, aerospace, energy, and medical industries.

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