Hermes to Exhibit at EMO 2013


Tools for the hard finishing of gears are a core element of Hermes’s expertise. At EMP 2013 in Hanover, Hermes will be presenting Hermes honing wheels for Präwema and Fässler, and Hermes grinding wheels for gear grinding machines from renowned manufacturers in the latest specifications.

Hermes will exhibit a CBN camshaft grinding wheel for grinding bearing points—on Junker grinding machines, for example. Here, you will be able to see their grinding tool with a camshaft. In order to present Hermes as an end-to-end provider, Hermes rollers, grinding belts (RB 346 MJ, FB 637 and Kork RB 515 X) for the downstream finishing stage will also be exhibited.

A CBN crankshaft grinding wheel will be on display with a crankshaft, working on the pin bearing. Furthermore, visitors will be able to view the grinding of concave cam profiles in car engines (Volkswagen/Audi), in the shape of CBN bonded abrasives on a steel core body.

Grinding Wheels from the “Pro” Series
On display is the innovative Hermes PRO series “Procut–Procool–Progear–Progrind,” which achieves high metal removal rates with reduced grinding forces over a wide range of applications. In addition, a wheel featuring the new AP production technology will be exhibited on its own platform. This wheel will be made with extremely open pores, and a fixed magnifying glass will make it clearly visible. Patented AP technology is a production technique that completely dispenses with naphthalene, as a pore former, while suffering no disadvantages compared with other alternatives.

Hermes microlite combines shine and smooth surfaces with highly accurate shaping in the machining of various materials, as their example exhibit shows.

Profile/contour grinding with flexible grinding belts
Their flexible quality grades CN 466 X-flex, RB 346 X-flex, RB 406 J-flex and CR 456 J-flex for applications involving profile and contour grinding.

Cylindrical grinding with flexible grinding belts
Here, Hermes wish to display their latest high-performance tools for initial, intermediate and finish grinding, and for special finishes.

Initial grinding: CN 466 Z, HERMESIT RB 535 Y and MERCURIT RB 590 Y

Intermediate/finish grinding: MERCURIT RB 598 Y, Kork RB 515 X and webrax-AN 702 Special finishes: webrax-AN 701 50 in red and blue, and webrax-PN 721. For more information, visit