Helios announces new representation of Yunil Machine Tools


Helios Gear Products, LLC (formerly Koepfer America, LLC) announces its new long-term representation agreement with YG Tech Co., Ltd., owner of the Yunil and Hera machine tool brands. Helios will provide all North American sales, service, and technical support for these gear manufacturing products. As never before, gear manufacturers of all sizes now have access to these globally competitive machines with complete sales, service, training, and application support.

Adam Gimpert, business manager of Helios Gear Products, said, “This partnership allows us to expand our product offerings and remain competitive in the global marketplace. We are always looking for ways to provide more value to our customers, so they are better positioned to efficiently produce profitable gears.”

In partnership with YG Tech, Helios offers a full range of hobbing solutions for gears up to 39” outside diameter. For small gears, the Hera 30 provides horizontal “micro” hobbing with unified automation systems for parts up to 1.575” outside diameter. The Hera 90 aligns with Helios’s legacy customers by offering a horizontal hobbing machine with a unified gantry automation system for parts up to 3.937” diameter. The Hera line continues with a range of vertical hobbing solutions, including the Hera models 150, 200, 350, 500, and 1000. These machines are a welcomed addition to the Helios portfolio of gear manufacturing solutions.

Nearly all parallel-axis gear manufacturers will want to discover the benefits of the Helios Hera series of hobbing solutions. These machines offer contemporary dialogue programming, flexible automation systems, and options such as integrated deburring workstations.

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