GMX Universal Gear Tester from Mahr Federal


Mahr Federal has introduced a new Class 1 universal gear tester that provides fast, accurate analysis for a wide range of gear and gear tool applications on gears with ODs up to 400 mm (15.75 in). Part of the Mahr Federal GMX Series, and incorporating a four-axis power PC controller with automatic tailstock and a high-accuracy 3-D scanning probe head, the GMX 400 provides an excellent solution for both universal and specialized gear manufacturing processes.

The GMX series is designed to provide maximum precision and flexibility of gear and form measurement in a single system. Equipped for both stand-alone shop floor or gear lab applications, the GMX 400 can also be fully networked for fast and efficient transfer of measuring results and machine corrections. The GMX Series provides Class 1 accuracy in accordance with VDI/VDE 2612/2613 Group 1. It provides fully automatic inspection of straight and helical cylindrical gears; spiral and hypoid bevel gears; crown gears; cylindrical worm shafts; conical cylindrical gears; segment gears; shaving cutters and hobs; pinion-shaped cutters; beveloid gears; synchronous gears; 3D geometry; and form and positional measurements, diameters, and distances. The system also allows full automatic correction of alignment errors using Wobble angle compensation software, and single cycle measurement and analysis of multiple gear shafts. Special analysis modules are also available for special gear types, as well as a wide range of established evaluation standards like DIN, ISO, JIS, and AGMA.

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