Gleason Introduces Bevel and Cylindrical Gear Tester


Gleason has introduced the 360T Universal Gear Tester, the only product of its kind capable of completely automatic roll testing of spiral, hypoid, and cylindrical gearsets of virtually any configuration and shaft angle.

The 360T—equipped for either fixed 90° gears or with a CNC–controlled swinging gear head for testing angular bevel, cylindrical, and off-angle cylindrical gearing—performs fully automatic basic pattern checking, single flank (SFT) encoder-based motion transmission error testing, and structure–borne noise (SBN) vibration–based rolling noise testing.

A host of features combine to reduce cycle times, speed part changeovers, and make the 360T ideal for use in everything from high production automotive and jobbing environments to small batch production shops:

• Compact layout with generously–sized sliding doors and a large test chamber well suited for automatic or manual loading.

• Direct-drive, high speed 3,000 rpm pinion spindle; belt–driven high torque 1,500 rpm gear spindle—both designed for maximum flexibility, including universal arbor compatibility, replaceable draw rods, and easy-access adjustment from the rear.

• A gear spindle quill mechanism to automatically mesh bevel and cylindrical parts together with unprecedented speed and gentleness for both normal and reverse-mounted parts.

• Tool–less full arbor quick change workholding system: the complete gear or pinion arbor is installed in the spindle with a simple insert and twist. Seating and ejection are automatic, all without the use of a single tool or bolt.

• Windows-based user friendly software on a FAUC 180i CNC controller to greatly simplify day–to–day tasks such as manual roll checks, cycle setup, and V&H testing.

Gleason Corporation is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of gear production machinery and related equipment. The company’s products are used by customers in automotive, truck, aircraft, agriculture, construction, power tool, and marine industries, and by a diverse set of customers serving various industrial equipment markets.

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