GH Induction Introduces Digimac Compact Induction Heater


Digimac® is a new compact induction heating system offered by GH Induction Group. This compact and transportable unit is capable of outputs up to 25 kW and 20 kHz. The system includes the generator with digital interface for control and a handheld transformer and coil. The MPC-1 control provides power regulation, alarms, and cooling water flow data. An optional semi-automatic mode with energy control is available. Temperature feedback can be used to control the heating cycle and pre programmed heating cycles can be stored in memory. Digimac has been used for various industrial applications such as:

• Heat straightening of metal parts;
• Welding of cooling pipes;
• Welding of hard to reach areas in large parts in hazard zones where open flame must be avoided;
• Paint and varnish cleaning;
• Sealing, and many other uses.

GH Group is one of the largest, most-experienced induction heating companies in the world, with headquarters based in Valencia, Spain, and affiliated companies in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Korea, and China. GH has over 3,500 installations in more than 50 countries serving some of the most discriminating customers for induction heating and heat treating. These include companies like GM, GKN, Delphi, Dana, Arvin Meritor, Bodycote, Bosch, John Deere, Magna, TRW, Mahle, Eaton, and many others. This experience has lead to the development of robust and innovative power supplies able to cover wide frequency ranges.

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