GF Machining showcases flexible 3D metal printing with DMP Flex 350 at EMO 2019

Even complexly shaped mold inserts can be 3D printed with high quality and productivity, with GF Machining Solutions’ and 3D Systems’ new DMP Flex 350, a robust, flexible metal 3D printing solution spotlighted at EMO Hannover 2019. (Courtesy: GF Machining Solutions)

At GF Machining Solutions’ EMO 2019 booth, visitors saw how the DMP Flex 350 3D metal printing machine can improve print productivity and reduce time to market.

The event at the Hannover Fairground in Hannover, Germany, September 16-21, also featured a new design for the DMP Flex 350 that aligns more closely with other products in the GF division’s broad portfolio of technologies.

A robust, flexible 3D metal printing solution for 24/7 production of parts up to 275 mm by 275 mm by 380 mm in size, the DMP Flex 350 is the successor to 3D Systems’ ProX® DMP 320 3D metal printer. Ideal for application development, production, and research and development, the DMP Flex 350 ensures high quality and productivity with its integrated 3DXpert® software, thoroughly qualified LaserForm® materials, and expert application support.

The DMP Flex 350’s improved print productivity — up to 40 percent faster per layer than its predecessor — enables faster time to market with lower total cost of operation. And thanks to its improved gas flow technology, this solution ensures improved, uniform part quality across the entire build area — even for parts made with the world’s most challenging alloys and extremely dense, pure metals.

At EMO Hannover 2019, the DMP Flex 350 sported a new look: a dedicated design that distinguishes it as a GF Machining Solutions product developed with a technology partner. While new and existing GF Machining Solutions products feature horizontal orange stripes encircling the gray and white machine bodies, new products developed with partners have vertical, orange unifying stripes along with the logos for GF and the relevant partner – in this case, 3D Systems. This design aligns the solution with the other products in GF Machining Solutions’ technology portfolio, making it easily recognizable for customers.

With the DMP Flex 350, manufacturers can achieve the repeatability necessary to produce consistently high-quality parts thanks to the machine’s ability to deliver a pure, low-oxygen environment during printing (fewer than 25 ppm) for excellent microstructures and very high part density. With these fully repeatable and stable mechanical properties, the DMP Flex 350 ensures consistent accuracy from one job to another. High quality is further guaranteed by the machine’s thoroughly developed and tested print settings.

Dependable, high throughput is essential to productivity for manufacturers. To maintain the highest level of 3D metal printing throughput, the DMP Flex 350 offers fast, bidirectional material deposition. At the same time, users’ productivity is accelerated by optimized printer utilization, short changeover time and enhanced scanning strategies.

In addition to the exceptional flexibility, quality, and throughput made possible by the DMP Flex 350, the machine also boasts a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Its high powder recyclability, modest consumable usage, and safe, long-lasting process filter make the machine affordable to operate, reducing users’ per-part costs and contributing to the solution’s low TCO.