Fox Business Network show spotlights United Tool Supply


The February 22 episode of Manufacturing Marvels on Fox Business Network featured gear inspection equipment manufacturer United Tool Supply. The second-generation family-owned company in Cincinnati, Ohio, is celebrating 45 years.

Manufacturing Marvels® productions are designed to promote North American manufacturing, North American-made products, and North American manufacturing jobs. The two-minute pods also spotlight companies’ processes and customers.

The February Manufacturing Marvels video focuses on the Unite-A-Matic™ series of flexible gear inspection gauges manufactured by United Tool Supply. It was a game changer in the 1980s; three decades later, original units are still on shop floors, and new state-of-the-art units continue to ship globally today.

In a company profile in Gear Solutions magazine, Curtis Criswell, head of business development, said, “We are able to help our customers cut costs on the front end and increase profit and productivity on the back end. The Unite-A-Matic is the most cost-effective gauging solution at a fraction of the cost of a CMM. Being a family-owned business, we know how important every dollar is. Our competitive price point makes our product affordable for small and large companies alike.”

Basic operator training is all that’s needed to use the Unite-A-Matic.

“In most cases, our gauge can be set up within a few minutes and takes only seconds to gauge a part,” Criswell said. “Ease of use, combined with the efficiency of our Unite-A-Matic, gives our customers the ability to check parts at a higher frequency while maintaining a robust production schedule and an increase in gauging confidence.” Manufacturing errors are discovered much more quickly with more part checks, which means fewer scrap parts.