FlexArm to feature all-in-one hydraulic tapping packages at IMTS


At IMTS September 10-15 in Chicago, FlexArm Inc. will feature a mobile tapping package that yields mobility, productivity, and efficiency by allowing operators to tap holes offline while the machining center works on the next part. FlexArm will occupy booths #432115 and #236430. This comprehensive package includes the FlexArm GH-18 tapping arm with a tap capacity of #6 to 5/8”, a reach from 17-72 inches, variable speed from 100-420 RPM, 360-degree movement, and a semi-automatic tap lubricator. Additionally, with a caster cart, power pack, tap stand, and five tap holders, this hydraulic tool can be used wherever there is 110V available – with no air needed. With fast set-up times and significantly reduced tap breakage, FlexArm tapping arms are an ideal alternative to tapping holes manually or via CNC.

FlexArm allows machining centers to do what they do best — milling, drilling, and boring. When operators load a machining center and start its cycle, they can use that cycle time to tap previously machined parts with the FlexArm — yielding more productivity per shift. Tap breakage rates are significantly reduced with the FlexArm due to its purpose-centered approach. With a tap breakage rate of 1 per 3,000 holes, versus 1 per 300 holes on a CNC, FlexArm tapping arms can significantly reduce set-up time, cost, and scrap rates.

In addition to the GH-18 model, other hydraulic and pneumatic versions of the FlexArm are available to suit varied tapping requirements. Engineers are available to discuss unique project parameters and offer solutions based on decades of experience. A 30-day free trial period allows FlexArm products to be proven in-plant under actual production conditions. The company stocks an extensive array of tap holders and repair parts in its Wapakoneta, Ohio, factory, for fast shipment, often same day.

FlexArm, headquartered in Wapakoneta, has been manufacturing tapping arms, die grinding arms, torque arms, assembly and part manipulators, and more, since 1984. Hydraulic and pneumatic tapping arms are available with guaranteed precision and dependability. Hydraulic models have a tapping capacity up to 2 inches. It stocks an extensive array of tap holders and repair parts for fast shipment – often same day. All arms and systems include a 3-year warranty. All motors and units are repaired by FlexArm technicians in-house to speed turnaround times.  

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