DMG/MORI SEIKI to Demonstrate Machining Portfolio at Gear Expo 2013


DMG/MORI SEIKI will demonstrate its full gear machining technology portfolio, with a focus on gearMILL software and the InvoMilling™ process, at Gear Expo 2013 in Indianapolis.
The InvoMilling process will be demonstrated on the NT series multitasking machines and NLX Series (three-axis lathe) machines. The five-axis gear-machining capability will be demonstrated on the DMU series machines and NT machines. In addition to newly developed processes, traditional gear machining processes, such as hobbing, gashing, and broaching, will be on display on NLX (three-axis lathe) machines. A variety of gears, such as spiral bevels, spur, helical, and internal gears will be machined on these platforms.

“The demonstrations center around the flexibility of the machines to offer the customer a choice of gear machining process based on day-to-day scenarios,” said Nitin Chaphalkar, manager of Advanced Solution Development. The demonstrations will emphasize benefits of multi-tasking machines such as simple changeovers between parts, yielding increased throughput in small and medium batch production.

In addition to the demonstrations, Chaphalkar will conduct two presentations at the solutions center portion of the event. On Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 10:30 a.m., Chaphalkar will discuss bevel and spiral bevel gear-manufacturing technologies and gear grinding. The presentation will discuss applications for these methods and the software necessary. It will cover gear grinding and methods of surface heat-treating the gear teeth in the multitasking machine. The second presentation on Thursday, Sept. 19 at 10:30 a.m. will focus on universal gear milling machines and new methods for manufacturing gears, including InvoMilling. Chaphalkar will talk about using the multitasking machines for machining gears not only with conventional processes including hobbing, shaping and five-axis machining, but also with new processes such as InvoMilling.

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