Star Rapid partners with Guhring

Star Rapid, a global rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturer, recently announced its partnership with Guhring, a German manufacturer of carbide and PCD cutting tools such as drills, reamers, taps, and mills for the machining industry.

Through this partnership, Star Rapid will implement a new custom tool management and computerized tracking system. In addition, Guhring will provide full-time onsite technical support and regrinding expertise. These advantages will allow Star Rapid to further elevate its CNC and rapid prototyping services.

“At Star Rapid, we are never complacent when it comes to high speed and quality, and are always looking for new strategies to increase these aspects of our service,” said Gordon Styles, president and CEO of Star Rapid. “The partnership we have developed with Guhring allows us to gain a greater competitive edge to meet the growing demands of our global customers.”

Star Rapid will now use Guhring’s Custom Tool Management System, which provides tool storage, inventory control, and real-time monitoring of tool consumption. This system creates a more efficient work flow through improved tool tracking and allows for more precise tool ordering based on anticipated future usage. Guhring’s family of cutting tools also have proprietary thin-film, vacuum deposited coatings. This coating technology extends cutting tool life and performance by protecting against the high temperatures, friction, vibration, and chip adhesion associated with everyday use.

In addition to being Star Rapid’s vendor for new tools, Guhring also will supervise sharpening and regrinding of the company’s tools in use. With Guhring’s expert understanding of the metallurgy and the complex geometry of each end mill or cutting insert, it can ensure these sophisticated tools are in peak condition and able to hold precise tolerances for excellent finished parts. Star Rapid’s machinists also will work with Guhring’s onsite technical support to optimize the “speeds and feeds” for every cutter, reducing total time and cost while increasing output.

“It’s rare to work with such a forward-thinking customer,” said Dr. Steffen Lang, head of Guhring's service department. “With the measures that have been put in place, Star Rapid will be able to ensure that its cutting services are running as efficiently as possible and creating parts that are of optimal quality.”

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