RöHM showcases clamping solutions that speed setups

Röhm Products of America demonstrated several types of chucks at the 2017 Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association event (STAFDA) that maximize productivity and make for fast and easy job setups. The company displayed its Extra and Supra keyless and Prima key-type drill chucks as well as the Duro-T manual lathe chuck.

Economical, easy-to-handle Extra keyless drill chucks feature one-piece metal or plastic designs with self-tightening locking mechanisms. Drill chucks in this series are equipped with collision protectors and provide high concentricity. Available with through hole for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, the chucks are ideal for cordless screwdrivers as well as hex-shank cordless and corded drills for assembling and disassembling on the machine spindle.

The Supra line of keyless drill chucks further maximizes productivity thanks to fast, effortless tool clamping. One model on display at the event was the Supra-I, a heavy-duty drill chuck specially designed for drilling machines and hand-operated drills. This drill chuck offers concentricity of up to 0.0047" and features an automatic re-clamping function that increases the clamping force as cutting forces rise to ensure tight holds at high drilling speeds.

Röhm’s proven line of Prima key-type drill chucks features versatile chucks, designed for use on hand-operated and compact drilling machines. The chucks are available in clamping capacities from 5/32" to 1-1/32" (4mm – 26 mm) in Jacobs taper, B-series taper and threaded shank mounts.

Representing Röhm’s manual quick-change lathe chucks, the Duro-T provides ultimate precision and exceptional clamping forces. Its superior design features a stiff chuck body that guarantees precision, even at higher loads, and a tangentially arranged operating screw enables quick and convenient reversal, exchange or relocation of the chuck jaws over the entire gripping range.

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